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Veneita Knight II


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Industry-Category: 53 Real Estate Rental and Leasing

Introducing Veneita Knight II

I am here to be a blessing and a resource. I provide services that everyone needs. "I can help you from your health to your wealth".


I provide Real Estate services as a Realtor to buyers, sellers, and investors throughout Central Florida. As your personal and family protection specialist, I provide life insurance services for people 0-85 years old. If you need documents such as wills, mortgage docs, POAs, etc. notarized, I am a mobile Notary. To keep myself and others able to be the blessings that we are designed to be, I am a Wellness coach. Holistic, Natural Healing of the body is the design of life.


I am a pure resource and connector by design.




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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