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Myechia Barnett

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Introducing Myechia Barnett

Myechia Barnett is a multi-talented creative professional known for her work as a publisher, graphic designer, author, and event host. She has a diverse background in the creative industry and has contributed to numerous publications, events, and projects throughout her career.

As a publisher, Barnett Publishing, has worked on various projects, including magazines, books, and digital content. Her experience as a graphic designer has allowed her to create engaging visuals and compelling layouts for a wide range of clients. As an author, Myechia Barnett has written several books and articles, showcasing her skills as a writer and storyteller.


Myechia Barnett is also an accomplished event host & Founder, having planned and executed her annual Let's Change Together event and transforming women into who they are BECOMING. Her ability to create engaging and immersive experiences has made her a sought-after event planner and host.


Throughout her career, Myechia Barnett has demonstrated a passion for creativity and a commitment to excellence in all of her work. Her diverse skillset and experience make her a valuable asset to any project or team she works with.

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